This is a tentative schedule for the topics covered in CS109 Fall 2014, so the topics are subject to change.

Tuesday Thursday
Week 1 (9/1-9/7) Introduction. What is data science? Why is it important? Who are we? Course overview. Lecture 1. HW0 Assigned. Statistical Summaries and Exploratory Data Analysis Lecture 2a. IPython Notebooks Lecture 2b.
Week 2 (9/8-9/14) Visualization Goals, Data Types, Statistical Graphs Lecture 3. HW1 Assigned. Visual Attributes, Color, Design Principles Lecture 4a. Exploring Data: Examples from baseball and global income Lecture 4b.
Week 3 (9/15-9/21) Visualization of Multi-Dim Data, Maps and Text Lecture 5. Big Data Visualization Lecture 6a. Distance, Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction Lecture 6b. HW1 Due.
Week 4 (9/22-9/28) Data scraping Lecture 7. HW2 Assigned. Introduction to Statistical Inference with Election Polls Lecture 8.
Week 5 (9/29-10/5) Statistical modeling, Variance and Smoothing with Election Polls Lecture 9. Regression and Prediction Lecture 10. HW2 Due.
Week 6 (10/6-10/12) Introduction to Machine Learning Lecture 11. HW3 Assigned. Confounding. Lecture 12 slides. Lecture 12 notebook.
Week 7 (10/13-10/19) Matrix Algebra Lecture 13 slides. Lecture 13 notebook. Bayesian Statistics Lecture 14 slides. Lecture 14 notebook. HW3 Due.
Week 8 (10/20-10/26) Decision Trees, ensemble learning Lecture 15 slides and notebook. HW4 Assigned. Ensemble learning, performance evaluation Lecture 16.
Week 9 (10/27-11/2) Support vector machine and the kernel trick Lecture 17 slides. Clustering methods: k-means, mean-shift Lecture 18 slides. HW4 Due on 11/3.
Week 10 (11/3-11/9) Mr job and map reduce Lecture 19 slides. HW5 Assigned. Graph Visualization and Story telling Lecture 20.
Week 11 (11/10-11/16) Deep learning Lecture 21 slides Wrap up and outlook Lecture 22 slides. HW5 Due.
Week 12 (11/17-11/23) Final project review Final project review.
Week 13 (11/24-11/30) No class. Thanksgiving No class. Thanksgiving
Week 14 (12/1-12/7) No class. Fall Reading Period No class. Fall Reading Period
Week 15 (12/8-12/14) No class. Fall Reading Period No class. Finals Period
Week 16 (12/15-12/21) Final project presentations Final project presentations